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2009 Covington District Ministry Funds Goals

I’m eager to share with you the ministry goals set by your District Leadership Team (DLT) for the next three years. The DLT has worked for three months to discern where we think Christ wants to work in and through us as a district. We have used the four ministry focus areas of the UMC served as a guide for us as throughout this process. Here are our goals:

Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing    congregations.
   -  Start three new faith communities (at least one African-American) in our district by 2012.
   -  Increase professions of faith and worship attendance by 5% each year
   -  District staff help revitalize the ministry of our small membership churches through self-assessment and ministry goal setting (Brian Wilson is our Small Membership Church Ministry Coordinator).

Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world.
   -  Increase the number of lay and clergy leaders in our district under the age of forty by 20% by 2012.
   -  Increase the practice of spiritual disciplines by our lay and clergy leaders (measured through self-report).
   -  Strengthen lay and clergy leadership by providing leadership training opportunities annually.

Engaging in ministry with the poor.
   -  Emphasize two days each year in which we engage in projects across our district that help provide safe housing for the poor (e.g., remodeling, repairing, or winterizing).
   -  Designate two district food drive collection days each year in which local churches collect food for their local food pantries.

Combating the diseases of poverty by improving health globally.
   -  Start three new Parish Nurse Ministries in the district by 2012.
   -  Engage as a district in international partnerships that are working to improve the health of those living in East Africa (e.g., clean water in Darfur, “Nothing But Nets”).

The DLT has done at the district level what we hope will be happening at the local church level. I challenge every local church to establish ministry goals for themselves in these four areas of focus. If you can’t focus on all four areas, choose one or two areas in which to establish ministry goals for the next one to three years.

The district goals have been set. Now Christ is waiting for our response. We will not be able to accomplish these goals if we do not commit ourselves to roll-up our sleeves to do the work. Where is Christ calling you and your church to be a part of accomplishing these goals? I believe that there are exciting days ahead for the Covington District!

Grace & Peace,